We are lawyers supporting law firms and businesses in the UK

When you have a busy law firms at times, in-house personnel are stretched to capacity or you may have cases that require a specific skillset. We work behind the scenes to provide you with excellent cost-efficient legal services at the speed that you need.

Because we are lawyers, you can confidently outsource your legal work to us.

Convenience and Flexibility

You can use our services as quickly, as much or as little as needed. The firm can outsource specific cases or a range of cases or a staff’s workload to us for the duration needed by the firm.​

Cost Savings

No need to hire a Locum or an additional staff when your needs may be temporary.

Expertise at Your Fingertips

We provide services in legal matters where we already have the expertise. This can be a significant benefit for smaller firms because it saves time from training temps

Fast and Reliable

Because we are proficient at what we do, firms can generally expect fast turnaround times and consistent, reliable deliverables.

Advantages of Outsourcing Legal Work to us

The outsourcing of your legal work can also help solo practitioners rapidly grow their business, by using our services as freelance lawyers on a project basis without adding to your overheads

With the rapid growth of technology, we can offer work remotely and provide support to your law firm in an efficient and yet inexpensive way

  • You do not need to increase your office space or size
  • There is no obligation for you to provide us with ongoing work, it could be just 1 case in 1 year or a week of dealing with a sick employee’s workload or dealing with specific projects.
  • You can set a flat fee; you set the flat fee price for your project or agree percentage fee sharing
  • As lawyers, we maintain client confidentiality.
  • You determine whether you want us to communicate with your clients directly (via your company emails) or whether we draw up the communication for you or a member of your staff to send
  • Quality and speed
  • Seamless communication